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Poetry and Prose

Forthcoming: “Femme-Winterized,” “To Ask for Help,” and “Girly Rage” (poems) in Voices de Queer Femmes Anthology II from The Voices Project by The Vigil Center for the Arts

“But Please Listen” (poem) in Disabled Voices from Rebel Mountain Press, March 2020

“Stretch of Reverie,” “Pencil Stains,” and “Incense Out the Window” (poems) in Papeachu Review Issue Two, Summer 2019 from Papeachu Press

“I Don�t Stop Being Bisexual When ...,” “To Be Kicked to the Ground and Get Back Up,” “And Even This Doesn't Cover It” (poems) in Stonewall�s Legacy from Local Gems Poetry Press, May 2019.

“I Am From Then,” “Dusk - Dawn,” “Incense Out the Window” (photo-poem pages) in Pride, MAC – Multnomah Arts Center Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland, OR, June 7 - July 2, 2019

“Trump’s the President and I Can’t Figure Out if I’m Depressed,” “All I Want for Not-Actually-My-Holiday-Christmas,” and “Up In My Wherever” (poems and poem/prose/list) in Orange and White and Tweets All Over from Thurston Howl Publications

“We Were Never People, Only Writers” (poem) in Chantwood Magazine, Issue 17, November 2018
Available for Kindle on Amazon.

“Los Banos, March 1999” (poem) in Chantwood Magazine, Issue 17, November 2018
Available for Kindle on Amazon.

“In the Green Chatter” (poem) featured on the MAC Poetry Pole in front of the Multnomah Arts Center Portland Parks & Recreation, Portland, OR, May 2018. Read it online

“slumber, a duet” (poem) in Santa Fe Literary Review, Santa Fe Community College, Volume 12 / 2017

“Grotesque” (poem) on the Dying Dahlia Review website, posted July 11, 2017,

“Woman, Fractured” (poem) on the Dying Dahlia Review website, posted July 11, 2017,

“The Time I Became Iron Deficient and Eating Just to Get Healthy Again Sucked the Flavor Out of Food + Recipe” (essay) in Lemondead Food Zine from Chicken Milkshake Zines

“Inside My Skin” (poem) in The Human Touch Journal, Anschutz Medical Campus community, University of Colorado, Volume 10: 2017, pg 203

“Standing in Front of the Mirror” (poem) in The Human Touch Journal, Anschutz Medical Campus community, University of Colorado, Volume 10: 2017, pg 203

“Iatrogenesis” (poem) in The Human Touch Journal, Anschutz Medical Campus community, University of Colorado, Volume 10: 2017, pg 202

“This is the Moment” (prose-poem-list) in Fear and Ruin from Pidgeonholes, November 2016.

“Hair Loss, #9” (poem) in MUSE Literary Journal, Riverside Community College, Spring 2016

Geography of Ghosts (chapbook), 2016. (More info at

“The Romance of Emily and Lori” (novella excerpt) in Jonathan 11, Sibling Rivalry Press, March 2016

“Her Own Name” (poem) in Cirque, Volume 7 No.1, Winter Solstice 2015

“Puppet” (poem) in Chaffin Journal, 2015

“Park Theatre” (poem) in Heart & Mind Zine Issue #1, Fall 2015

“Again” (poem) in Snapdragon: A Journal of Art & Healing, “Your Wild and Precious Life” Issue, September 2015

“Candlelight Tales” (poem) in Twisted Vine, Issue 4, Spring 2015

“your divine Demystified *” (poem) in Twisted Vine, Issue 4, Spring 2015

“Long-Haired Girlfriend” (short story) in Labletter, 2015

“The Night Sky” (poem) in Off the Rocks, An Anthology of GLBT Writing, Volume 18, NewTown Writers Press, 2014
(Available at

“Walking to the Subway” (poem) in Rockhurst Review, 26th Edition, Spring 2013

“The World Was Ending and We Were Asleep on the Couch in Front of the TV . . . ” (prose poem) in Cirque Journal, Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter Solstice 2012
(Read online at issuu or purchase at CreateSpace.)

“under” (poem) in Steam Ticket: A Third Coast Review, Volume XV Spring 2012

“waltz“ (poem) in Trajectory, Issue 4: Spring 2012

“California” (one-minute play/poem) performed in Clubbed Thumb’s “A Pageant of the 50 States (and more)” in New York City in 2007

The Las Vegas Poems. (chapbook) Self-published, January 2000.
The Las Vegas Poems are poems I wrote on a trip to Las Vegas (not necessarily about Las Vegas).
(Now available for purchase at

Bitter / Love (chapbook) Self-published, February 2000.
Bitter / Love is a two-sided chapbook I put out for Valentine's Day.
(Now available for purchase at

“Untitled,” (poem) in “Youth Out Loud” Documentary, Sun & Moon Vision Productions, San Diego, CA, 2000

“Cherry Leo,” (poem) in Anything That Moves, Issue #17, Summer 1998, pg 11

I also created, published and performed with the Queer Players from 1995-1999. During that time I said this a lot, “Queer Players, a creative writing and performance group for queer and questioning youth in San Diego.” Seriously, I said it a lot. It started in 1994 (under a different name) and lasted until about 2000. While I was with them, we produced 5 magazines, 2 ‘zines, 1 resources guide and more. Also, we performed and gave readings around San Diego County at our own shows and as guests at other events.

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